Are you starting to plan your wedding? The place for the reception is one of the first steps, and also one of the most important. Start enjoying this exciting quest by following our tips.

The location of the wedding reception is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. Choosing it is a big decision that needs a lot of thought. In addition, finding the location is the first step to be able to design wedding invitations and start looking for wedding centerpieces or choosing the most suitable wedding flowers . However, finding the ideal location for the wedding of your dreams is not as difficult as it seems. Follow this guide to find out the most important details of your site and start your exploration.

Banquet halls in Andheri

Where to start

The first thing is to visualize your wedding, and little by little define how you want to celebrate it. Then you can search for banquet hall options on the internet, and ask among your acquaintances. The catalog offers vast wedding halls in Andheri. Analyze your opportunities and make a list of places that you consider appropriate. Visit them with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Compare prices and conditions. Go discard until you find just what you want. You can make a list with the following characteristics and take it with you to all the sites you visit, to guide you.

Before anything else, think about where in the world you want your wedding to be. The destination wedding modality has become a trend in recent years, so you can celebrate your union anywhere on the globe. If your wedding will be in Mexico, you will have to define a place in the Republic: you can choose a magical town, a beach, the state where you and your partner live, or if your families live in different places, a midpoint to everybody. Think about the comfort of the attendees, if they will need party dresses for the beach or for the ballroom, as well as the difficulties that may arise for the organization of the event and the general characteristics that you want in your wedding: which place best suits your needs?

Budget, number of guests, and date

These are the first details that you must define. If there’s a place you and your partner want to get married, you can ask for cost information so you’ll know if you need to find other options or if you need to save a little more. Depending on the place, the number of guests, and the time they want to get married, they must choose and reserve their location well in advance. The ideal time is between ten months and a year before the wedding.


Investigate in each location if there will be several weddings on the day you have chosen, or if you will have exclusivity. You should also know the venue hours and permits for decoration. It is very important that you are very clear about the cancellation and refund policies of the place you choose, as well as the insurance. You should know what the prices include, what the packages and promotions consist of, and if VAT is included. Do you accept mariachis, bands, DJ? Also, make sure that the times of the activities you have planned can be scheduled at the locations.


The most important thing, to choose the location and other details of the wedding, is that it corresponds to the tastes and personalities of the bride and groom. If you always imagined yourself wearing a princess-cut wedding dress at a traditional indoor wedding, it never goes out of style and is a confirmed success. In addition, it can be very warm and the services offered by these locations have plenty of experience to serve your guests as they deserve. However, they can also look for unusual alternatives, such as museums, galleries, wineries, cafes, or forests. Once you choose the place, you can coordinate the other details, such as wedding favors and the setting. Remember that your location can transport your guests, for a day, to a new and different world.

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