Behavioral training and medication are the only ways reported by the CDC and the major mental health organizations to improve Inattentive ADHD; however, many respected experts disagree that these are the only methods. An inattentive type of ADHD has major problems associated with disorganized thinking, distractibility, poor working memory, and slow processing speed. There is growing evidence that cognitive or brain training can benefit people with these problems. Know How Free ADHD Test Evaluate Attention and Memory?.

How Free ADHD Test Evaluate Attention and Memory?
How Free ADHD Test Evaluate Attention and Memory?

Despite not recommending cognitive training as an approved treatment method for ADHD, the National Resource Center on ADHD does not consider it an alternative or unproven treatment method. We can only hope and assume that the National Resource Center on ADHD would include treatment for working memory and reaction time as an appropriate component of an Individualized Education Plan if you or your child underwent cognitive testing that demonstrated that you needed treatment for these conditions. People with attention disorders, stroke victims, and the elderly have utilized cognitive training for therapy and brain injury victims and the elderly.

Brain training exercises have been shown to improve working memory, attention, and processing speed in studies evaluating cognitive therapy. In addition, Dr. Torkel Klingberg, the founder of Cogmed, is a staunch advocate of brain training for ADHD. His research has shown that brain training can increase brain dopamine receptor density and improve attention and working memory. There are many ‘brain training’ games available these days besides Cogmed.

There are many companies in the brain training industry. Daily, there seems to be a new brain training company entering the market. Not surprisingly, these companies are expanding quickly. Research has demonstrated that the brain does not deteriorate with age.

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Concerned about potential memory and cognitive decline as people age, there is a growing interest in brain exercises and programs such as Lumosity and Brain Science Posit. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) sufferers can train their brains to focus with brain training programs. PACE, Learning Rx, and Cogmed are among the most popular programs. You can spend a lot of money on them.

The franchise-based Learning Rx program is called Pace and is available only in locations where Learning Rx is not. It is also possible to find less expensive programs, but most of them are so tedious to use that I cannot give them a second thought.

Fortunately, training your brain can be done free on the internet, so you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. This type of program is not boring and can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Research has demonstrated that cheaper or free brain training programs will provide the same benefits as expensive programs.

More expensive programs offer an evaluation component, which is a benefit. After an evaluation, you’ll be able to determine what kind of training will benefit you most, and then the program will be designed to strengthen your cognitive weaknesses. An evaluation will let the patient or parent know which brain areas require strengthening, such as processing speed, visual memory, etc.

The free memory and attention test can give you an idea of where you stand if you or your child has never taken attention or working memory test. Adults are tested by taking a 20-minute test, and when the test is over, you are told how well you did. In terms of evaluating children’s working memory and attention, I am not sure how well these tests work, but I would guess that based on the results this test provides, you can get a pretty reliable sense of either deficit.

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