CBA (centre for biopharma analysis) Pune provides a single stop solution for biosimilar testing services in India which includes toxicology, TK, immunogenicity assessment and many more. 

CBA Biosimilar Testing Service

CBA provides you with detailed analysis at every stage starting from determining the exact sequence, structure and quality attributes of the originator to comparative head to head Biosimilar characterization. CBA works on every aspect to provide you with vital analysts. 

CBA ( Center for Biopharma analysis) facilitates integrated biosimilar development platforms which are based on a step by step approach to help you through the critical stage of development. It helps you from product characterization and biosafety testing to compatibility and clinical trials which also includes bioanalytical and bioassay. 

CBA ( centre for biopharma analysis) provides you complete support with the characterization of your biopharmaceutical products/Biosimilar according to ICH Q6B guidelines with GLP compliant workflow and its state of art techniques like orbitrap HRMS, surface plasmon resonance, SEC-MALS and many more. 

Reasons to choose CBA ( centre for biopharma analysis) 

They can help you :

  • In maintaining the physicochemical characterization. It uses high-end mass spectrometry and ancillary techniques CBA teams help to specify the primary and high order structure of Glycoprotein, including monoclonal antibody products which help you fulfil ICH Q6B requirements. 
  • CBA ensures that your cell cultures virus stocks and final products are free from contaminating agents. Such as endotoxins and viruses. 
  • It helps you gain quick results for strategic decision making through Bioanalysis and clinical trials. Its services are specifically tailored for enabling non-clinical in vitro Comparability testing. 

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CBA helps you to fully characterize your product with its services. Protein intact mass analysis using HRMS peptide mapping analysis using HRMS post-translational modifications analysis, host cell protein impurity profiling using SDS – PAGE and many more you can choose CBA because its services are beyond the best.

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